Monday, May 02, 2005

I seem to recognize your face

I think I need a new heart

As if to say, Why don't you stay?, San Francisco bloomed into some of the best weather we've had in weeks in preparation for the arrival of Anna yesterday. Yes, folks, that's a three-peat on the posts about celebrity sightings. Reasons Anna is a rockstar:

  • She's the one that went out of her way to come visit SF, and yet, because of my belly-aching (based mostly on utter laziness) about North Beach, she gifted me a box of Pocky. Royal Milk Tea Pocky. Even the crazy Pocky store in my neighborhood has never had this on hand. I showed it to my brother last night, and he actually lit up.
  • Coolest biz cards ever- you can't see it due to my poor camera skills, but the back of the card features the quote- "Well behaved women rarely make history"- need I say more on that?
  • After having met me for, at most, fifteen minutes, she shielded me from completely making a fool of myself, in that way that women do where a few exchanged glances say I saved your a**, now please hush before you put your foot in your mouth again. For that quick, stealthy comraderie, I lurved her immediately.
  • She didn't kill me for my spectacularly flake-tastic behavior in NYC, or for being twenty minutes late.
  • She put up with me cursing within five minutes of meeting her. I really need to get that under control, btw.
  • Thanks to her, I met the lovely Livin' Simple, who emanates sweetness and also, as it turns out, is my neighbor.
  • She taught me a new insult in Gujarati, a language I'm supposedly fluent in.
  • She's an artist who can kick some tail in the IT field- my brother would fall over himself if he knew this much alone.
You know, I could go on and on, but I just realized, you really have to be lucky enough to meet her to understand how much she rocks. So there. I wish that I had been able to stay longer and pick her brain a bit more. Or just watch her in action, because she is great fun, and funny as well. I should point out that, thanks to Anna, I also got two funky anime pencils from one of her Friendsters. Dude, the blogosphere's been good to me.

I'm currently on pins and needles, brimming over with anxiety about whether or not I was able to reserve the Inca trail trek on the right date. This trip has been a bit like herding cats. I'm pretty sure I would have had an aneurysm this morning, had it not been for the afterglow of the Anna experience from yesterday.

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