Monday, July 11, 2005

get me to the airport, put me on the plane

Can I print a retraction? I would like to withdraw most of my ranting, b*tch fest of Friday. Here's why:
  • For all my griping about the subject, I did voluntarily go see a film on Saturday. And it was exactly what I needed to do that evening. The film- Me and you and everyone we know. The verdict- meh. My friend and I were in jacka** mode when we were walking out of the theater and had this exchange- Her: So, I guess if you are really persistent and stalk someone, eventually, you will live happily ever after with him.Me: And I guess if you are a young single woman who is attractive, the only men worth falling for are recently separated fathers who have a habit of lighting themselves on fire. In actuality, the movie was not that bad, but it was definitely a little too precious for me on that particular evening. You have to suspend quite a bit of disbelief to buy that the main characters in this film could ever even exist.
  • As much as I would like to rail about it, I have to admit that it's not fair to indict someone for choosing to turn down the friendship option. When I stopped frothing at the mouth, I knew I had been on both sides of this exchange, and hadn't always said "Yay! Yes, let's be friends." There is the matter of wounded pride, and that's a serious obstacle. And then there is initial awkwardness, and perhaps imbalance. Tricky to navigate. As much as I always want to keep everyone I like connected to me in some way, I have to respect a decision to break that connection. I can't find fault with it, as tempting as that would be. Sigh.
I'm going to write more later today, from a hotel room in Seattle. I have been to Seattle twice, and both were such memorable, nostalgic trips. Today's hop will not be anything like that, since it's a business trip. Also, I am cutting it closer than I ever have before. The company has decided we should get to the airport at 12 for a 12:50 flight. I would like to claim that I am a carefree sort, and that I am rolling with the punches. I would also like to claim that I'm the lead singer of The Donnas. So, yeah, I'm pretty much sweating bullets.

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