Thursday, July 14, 2005

you can't buy one at the mall

dressed up for free drinks and family greetings

This is undoubtedly the lousiest job my camera and I have ever done at capturing a beautiful thing. Envelopes are the order of the day, however. So are congratulations, to:

  • LS! She better, at the very least, blog a little something about the experience of having a wedding in India!
  • Anna, who is in hot demand on the job market. Ah, who are we kidding- and everywhere else too.
  • Veeny, who got an Emmy nom this morning for his smouldering glances on Lost. Let's also congratulate Yoda, erm, Terry O'Quinn. The eye candy wins out this time, Yoda, I'm sorry.
  • That famous dude I saw in SFO the other day? Also a recipient of an Emmy nom. Why didn't I run into him today?!? Today, I would have had something to say to him. What would that something have been? "Let's hug it out b*tch!" Just kidding. Maybe.
Now that the happy happy joy joy portion of the program is over, let me find something to fume over again. Oh yeah, how about this old chestnut... what do you do when you've just fired a radio crew for sexually harassing comments? Apparently, you hire someone who's already been fired for making even more offensive remarks. And you do this in the Bay Area. That sound you heard was my brain exploding again.


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