Tuesday, July 12, 2005

what's so funny about

Turns out that whole posting from Seattle thing didn't go quite as I planned. Namely, I had yet another hard drive crash that locked me out of the computer. I think it might finally be time to suck it up and buy my very own laptop. The depths of my laziness are really astounding at times. The computer is still acting like that little girl from The Exorcist, but I feel the need to risk it.

Seattle passed by like a blur. This is the curse of business travel- you can go to really lovely places, and in some ways it's worse than having never gone. You know there is so much else you could be enjoying, but instead, you're stuck at a stuffy dinner making small talk with some suit. I suppose I should not complain. It was a short trip, and I had both a lovely Grey Goose & tonic, and an Oban Scotch neat, on the company dime. Being a corporate slave has its momentary perks.

Here's another, giddier reason I cannot complain about my business trip. For all my kvetching about making it to the airport on time, it turns out my flight was delayed anyway. But no, people, this is not a b*tchfest about United, because my flight delay had a great side effect. I walked smack into an actor who I lurve. Still, encountering famous people always creates a dilemma for me. What is one supposed to do? It's not in me to gush and start yelping fangirl-esque. And I'm certainly not the sort who walks up to random people and strikes up conversation. The famous person is famous because of his work, yes, and that gives the temporary illusion that you know him in some way. But when you see the famous person face to face, you realize you don't know him from Jack. Anyway, the end result was that I ran smack into the dude, we made eye contact, he gave me the yes, I am him, and no, please don't make a scene look, and I continued on to the coworker conglomeration at the flight gate. Best coworker reaction? "Yeah, he looked familiar to me, but he was dressed like a hobo, so I didn't think too much about him."

Oh... do you want to know who this actor is? No one seems to know him by name when I make mention of him, so I will just pay tribute to some of his accomplishments:
  • "Let's hug it out b*tch"
  • A scene in the film Singles where he plays a grocery store checkout clerk.
  • The one saving grace in craptacular films such as Serendipity, Chasing Liberty, etc.
  • Makes you feel like John Cusack might still have a little Lloyd Dobler in him.
  • The short-lived, lovely Cupid.
Okay, I have to admit, I did have the slight temptation to jump him at the airport. My friend A remarked that I have no taste in men. Whatever.

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