Thursday, February 23, 2006

turning into something you are not

In a brilliant display of the time wasted on stupidity at work, during a "workshop" today I was asked to write about orchids in a vase. This is what I wrote:
White orchids sit in a clear vase in water. They have a yellow center. The orchid appears to have six blooms and two buds. Green stalks surround them.

I know- you all fell asleep just reading that. Even though the entire exercise and "workshop" was an utter waste of time in terms of work productivity or learning anything about work, it did demonstrate something to me.

This job is dangerous. I know this blog may be proof to the contrary, but I do not consider the above excerpt to be a fair representation of my typical writing style. Something inside of me seems wholly cramped when I am at work. All my normal inclinations are suppressed. I spend considerable energy trying to be some sort of chameleon.

That smacks of trouble. If you sleepwalk through life, you could wake up one day and find yourself somewhere you never wanted to be. But what seems more frightening still is to spend your life pretending to be someone you're not, only to find out one day that you're no longer capable of being yourself.

Congratulations. I think I just transferred my headache to you with that truly dizzying logic (TM Princess Bride).

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