Monday, September 18, 2006

lean against railings describing the colors

Y'all! I sit here perched in my cuzzy's window in Brooklyn, as the last sigh of a summer breeze weaves in and back through the screen. It is exactly as I imagined. When I found out I would have to go to New York in September, I was positively giddy. So much of New York drives me crazy. So much of New York drives everyone crazy, I am convinced. However, there is really little that beats the fall in New York. The weather is warm in a way that the west coast can never attain, somehow lacks in its fabric. It's the kind of warm that makes you want to sit outside in cafes drinking until the wee hours of the night.

I am a little shocked that all my molecules have remained bound together though. It has been a little bit of an insane day. I've utilized the services of a cab, a bus, and the subway. I started out in Brooklyn, wound up in the Bronx, and just came back from Manhattan. Dudes- some people go their whole lives without covering that many boroughs, and I just did that sh*t in a five-hour span. In a suit, mofos. I feel like I should be doing that dance atop my stairwell, a la Rocky Balboa, except I'll be doing it in heels.

It must be said- if I lived in Brooklyn, I would be as snobtastic about it as most Brooklynites are. And it must also be said that there is just so much to love about New York, despite all my protestations to the otherwise. I love San Francisco, like a torrid love affair for the ages. But I love New York- it's more like family. It drives me crazy, there are times I want to get far away from it, but begrudgingly or otherwise, it has my heart too.

This is all disjointed, I know, but I'm going to explode if I don't write something. I'm brimming today. When you run away, it is such an easy thing to forget that you left good things behind. All of them were waiting for me. A sweet message from B. The excitement of my east-coast friends that I might be returning (Incidentally, seriously, do you know how awesome it is to feel that wanted? Especially when all you did is complain when you lived amongst these people? How in the world did I get so lucky?). My cousin M's protective plans to keep my mind occupied, my stomach satiated, and my face smiling this past weekend. Chocolate sorbet at the cafe at the new MOMA. If I have to leave San Francisco, it is hard to imagine a more welcoming place in the world. I feel like I got a big bear hug from New York these past few days.

And now, after this brief interlude, it's back to the subway.

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