Wednesday, September 20, 2006

they say that looks don't count for much

Over rodizio at lunch, I decided my coworker-GBF is full of stuff and nonsense. It's not that I don't appreciate it. It's sort of the whole reason I adore GBF's so much anyway- they pay me undue compliments, and I fall for it, because I believe they have no ulterior motive to fib. The coworker-GBF has given me cause to doubt all my previously held notions on this, however, because he always claims everyone is checking me out. I think I have figured out what he may be picking up on, however. The thing of it is that he is a bit of an Adonis. In addition to having fab fashion taste and a washboard stomach, he is just plain pretty. So, it's now my contention that people fail to see that he is just a GBF, and as a result, are staring at me in wonder that I am having lunch with a supermodel.

Speaking of GBFs, I heard from JP today, the OG of GBFs, because he is leaving to cavort around Europe for the next two months. He called to tell me what dates he planned to be in Spain, and that he would kick my a$$ if I didn't make it there to meet him. Guess what, folks? I am going to have a sore back side in a month, because I will be in the land of Ben & Jerry's when I should be drinking sangria in Madrid. I look forward to trying to explain this to the completely unempathetic JP.

Sadly, I am too tired to write anything else of coherence. Seattle is dull and gray, just like you might imagine Seattle to be (although in fairness, the last two times I have visited, the weather has been the antithesis of dreary). I have a 7:30 am meeting tomorrow, and I still have no clue what time zone my body has landed into. My expectations are low now- if I make it all the way to Saturday, I will consider it a major accomplishment.

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