Friday, December 08, 2006

I started something and now I'm not too sure

At some inevitable point, I know I shall have to switch to Blogger Beta, but for now, I am fighting the good fight. And yes, I know how important it was for me to make that known.

It dawned on me that I've started persistently kvetching about a ridiculous situation with an XY, and I finally disgusted myself. This is actually a good thing. I have no time for drawn-out OMG, does he or doesn't he? crapola right now (or, for that matter, ever). And as a result, I took the reigns and steered the situation to a conclusion.

But that's the problem with human experimentation (well, actually, sometimes in the lab as well): you feel certain you have determined the array of possible outcomes, and inevitably your imagination is insufficient.

I submit to you:

    Question: Is this clown for real or not?

    Information gathered to date: Utter hearsay from mutual friend indicating interest and one evening of decent conversation. (in other words, flimsy and inconclusive data at best).

    Experiment: Invite clown out for drinks in a non-threatening environment (i.e. with two other friends) and observe reaction.

    Possible Outcomes:
    • "Sure, sounds great!"
    • "Sure, can I bring a date?"
    • "Sorry, I can't make it."
    • "Sorry, I can't make it that night, but we should get together another time."
    • "No, and you're weird for asking me."
    • "And I would know you from?"

    Actual Data Gathered:
      "I could be up for it. Let me know if there are enough people interested."

    Analysis of Results: WTF?!?!?

    Conclusion: Experiment massively flawed, reconsider future as a researcher of any kind.

In fairness, I am highly amused, at both my inability to design a proper experiment, and at the completely non-committal response. But here comes problem #2 with human experimentation. In the lab, you get an unclear result, you scratch the experiment and start again. On the other hand, in this case, the clown is coming out for a drink tonight, which is kind of useless, in all truth, because I have mentally dismissed him. It would be great if I could get Donald Trump to crash the bar and give him the snake-gestured "You're fired!" Or maybe Heidi Klum could show up and chirp, "I'm sorry, that means you're out." Then again, if Heidi Klum showed up, I don't think the clown would be a nuisance anymore since he would most likely have his eyes glued on her (nothing against him, but I do believe he is a male heterosexual, so that seems like a fair bet).

In other news, I had these perfectly laid plans on how I was going to recuperate this weekend, have it all to myself, spend it cleaning and baking. Now, there is a battle brewing for my Saturday night. Co-worker GBF asked me to watch cheesy movies with me, and SP asked me to meet up because we haven't seen each other in weeks. And I have to tell you that right now, I'd really like to have a Kelly Taylor moment and yell: "I choose me!" But that's because I am an ungrateful b*tch.

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