Thursday, December 07, 2006

inside and out

Well, it was bound to happen. I finally came down and crashed from my sugar high that was not induced by sugar. Actually, I am still not my usual grumpy self. Things that normally annoy me or anger me are making me laugh, and I hope that continues for quite some time, because it is far more fun to find things absurd than to find them frustrating.

But I am exhausted in every way. I tell people I am too busy to meet, and it is true, but it is true because there are only so many nights out of a week that I can be on. I need a night off, and that is just what I plan to get today.

This push of go, go, go to end out the year is taking its toll in other ways. I feel a little dull, as though I am losing brain cells every week. Of course, some of that could be attributed to Grey Goose intake. But some of it is also just not having the time to properly think.

But so it goes. Tolerating this is a lot easier nowadays. I am well aware when I am reaching my limit, and so I will turn inward and get myself right soon. And then there will be better blogging than there is today.

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