Thursday, December 14, 2006

worn out in Juarez

I don't know y'all (I'm practicing for my upcoming trip, see!). I do not get it. How is it that I am overloaded with work and actually having to be productive, now that I actually have no intention of staying here for longer than four months? I suppose that, no matter how much I bluster, I cannot sit by and completely let my work tank. This time of year, there are no getting around certain work deadlines. Even though I talk a good game, I am still not interested in leaving this place with four VPs thinking I am an incompetent moron. So I have been staying on point.

As a result, I have not had time to write, or to read very much. I spent the few spare moments I had today answering Siddhartha's request on Sepia Mutiny to list five pieces of music from 2006 I would recommend. Maybe I will recycle it here next week if it never sees the light of day, but it would probably be more appropriate to tell you that you should fill out your choices and submit too. I am big on getting music recommendations from people. If I don't know the person very well, I find music recommendations to be an interesting character indicator. If I do know the person well, I find music recommendations to be an interesting commentary on what they think of me, or whether they think of me at all when they choose music to pass along.

I have also been kind of gimping through this week. It's been sort of a man down situation here. Monday, my head was throbbing as if there was a rave being thrown in my brain. Tuesday, it seemed to subside, but after dinner with D, I had the dolor in the stomach. Yesterday, the headache returned and my sinuses decided to join the party. I went home early, thought I would take a power nap before hitting the gym, and then promptly slept through the entire night. Today, the stomach ache decided to stage a comeback. All of this is quite inconvenient to both getting work done here and getting work done at home on the holiday stuff. So, I'm still at blah level as far as holiday cheer goes.

Unfortunately, being this busy also makes a person thoroughly boring. I feel confident I have not had one interesting thought this week, and I think we can all agree that I have not written one interesting sentence. There was this: I did think of deleting my entire blog this week. But even that's not worth getting into- I have already had about eleventy million crises about that, and it is nothing but more blah. I promise to try to find something interesting to say. But right now, all I've got is blah, blah, blah. So, it's probably better if my post frequency decreases a bit.

Also- it just won't stop raining, and that is really becoming a problem around here. Would a little sunshine kill you, powers that be? Right now, I have had to rely on Friday Night Lights, and that can only substitute for natural light for so long.

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