Monday, January 07, 2008

famous sounding words make your head feel light

One of my classmates, BB, was remarking that she was without power for 1.5 days, and that it was driving her absolutely insane. She noted that she tends to get really angry when things happen that are completely out of control. Perhaps I never wanted to admit it before, but when she put it so plainly, I had to admit that this is probably why the great power outage to open ’08 threw me into such a tailspin. Of course, it could also have been that I grew up in EBF, and yet this was the longest I’d gone without electricity, so I was starting to wonder what kind of back-a$$ward place I landed myself in here.

Either way, our long national nightmare (keeding!) is over, and I came home to power tonight. Just in time to clean out the refrigerator and hit the books, which are, predictably, stacked up and waiting for me now. It wasn’t quite the start to the year that I would have planned, but at least things keep moving forward. And furthermore, by the time I stepped into class this morning, the entire debacle of being powerless for over 3 days was humorous enough to me that I didn’t sound like a whiny pain in the neck when talking about the break.

So, as luck would have it, and rather appropriately so, I can now post this week’s song and mean it. Yesterday, it was a wish- to be as peppy and slick as that song. Slick is the right word for it. I imagine, if you really felt this song, you could walk down the street and raindrops wouldn’t be able to touch you. You could pull Matrix sh*t on the cars as you walked by, all effortlessly while seeming without a care in the world. As I said yesterday, I’m late to the party where this particular Spoon single is concerned. All the same, if you haven’t heard it, I highly urge you to give it a try. If you’re in a bad mood, it might push you out of it. If you’re in a good mood, it might keep you in it.

Even though I tend to get ultra-focused while school is in session, and even though the free time will quickly dwindle away, I think, now that I have working lights, I will finish The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao soon. It’s a book that is hard to put down. Though it might not be for everyone, there’s something about the voice in this book, the narrative style, that is so fresh and vibrant. Sometimes, I’ll read a novel and the writer’s style will leak into any words I string together, an unintentional mimicry. Undoubtedly, this is going to happen or already has happened with Diaz’ book, but more strangely still, Diaz’ voice is so strong that you can actually imagine his voice creeping into your voice. Some of his language is so colorful, however off-color at times, and in such a conversational tone, that it’s like talking to someone with a cool accent for a while and inadvertently imitating them.

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