Wednesday, January 09, 2008

sweetheart, we hardly talk, I was doing my thing

Now I finally feel like it's 2008, now that school has started, I have power in my apartment, and I have started spending my evenings scrawling on my dry-erase board. But now that it feels like the beginning of a year, it's made me think of what I want to do with this blog.

Amelie-Freak sent me an email that got buried in my inbox recently. I finally had a chance to read it- inside was a link to a NYT article on the medical and law professions. More importantly, she'd sent some extremely wise words taking physicians and lawyers to task on the attitude of entitlement and elitism that permeates those circles. It would be better if I'd just cut & pasted her remarks here, but I felt that would be violating her privacy.

Everything she said was true. A lot of it comprised thoughts I've had and ideas I've railed on amongst friends in the past. But I haven't written much about it here. There are a lot of things I've left out here, when it comes to medicine. In the early days, I was trying to keep it all under wraps for a lot of reasons, and it wasn't even relevant-- the early days of this blog were about wanting to change a set of circumstances radically. But now, game change in place, I'm on the path. Now, it all seems relevant.

But I get tripped up commenting on medicine without going to the beginning. If I just remarked on all the negative things that I acknowledge about the medical profession, you'd likely question why I would even bother to go back to school and put myself in the midst of all of it. Maybe it's not just that. Maybe it's that I want to go back, want to create the back story. It just feels as though the time has come.

I'm sure many of my posts will still be filled with the usual idiocy and ramblings about whatever. But there will be some jumps back in time, to where it started. It's time for me to know it for the first time.

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