Tuesday, January 22, 2008

problems got me pessimistic

Sometimes music can go a little too far, but sometimes that's the whole point. I thought all day today about pulling off my last post, deleting it, shuffling the sand over it, whistling and pretending it never happened. Such rambling rage in a post, from me? Never!

But then it didn't seem right. I make up these completely arbitrary rules, I realize, when it comes to blogging. I make it up as I go along, draw lines here and there and then cross them and make new rules to justify them. I realize that. And I realize that some day, I probably will vomit up some ridiculous post that I will, in fact, pull from the blog because of remorse. But for now, it didn't feel right. It wasn't a dishonest post. It reflected a true feeling, even if it was written in a state of heightened emotion, when I usually like to quiet myself down, slap duct tape on my mouth and wait until my eyes start seeing more colors than red.

Anyway. Sometimes music can go a little too far. Listening to this week's song now reminds me of this brash idealism I had when I was young. Had I not been so stupid back then, perhaps I would not have turned out so annoyed with my cynicism. I was never particularly religious, so I am not really sure why I found this song so buoying when I first heard it, when it first came out.

I always wondered what happened to Arrested Development- not the show, sillies, although the show was its own special brand of fantastic. I thought this band and Digable Planets were starting a revolution of some kind. But the thing of it is, this song is problematic. It's all about acceptance, and acceptance is no way to start a revolution.

But sometimes when music goes a little too far, it's useful. Like when you've been heartbroken for some time and you listen to some truly heartbreaking, call-in-the-Morrissey depression-central song, and you find yourself laughing. Music is great, even in instances when I don't relate to it. Music is great, maybe especially in instances when I don't relate to it. It helps define what the feeling is exactly. Or better yet, it helps you to think, well, sh*t, do I sound like that? In that case, I need to dial it down a bit.

All the same (or maybe for all of these reasons), I do like this song. And at some point, the internets will cooperate with me tonight, and it will be up for your listening pleasure.


Tom Brady, you better be in working order in two Sundays.

p.s. Working order does not equal three interceptions.

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