Wednesday, March 25, 2009

shelter from the storm

When this is over, I will:
  • wash my hair
  • and then get it cut- it just dawned on me yesterday that it has been nearly 6 months.
  • get my car fixed up- that, I’ve put off for nearly a year.
  • go to San Francisco for no reason whatsoever, and isn’t that the perfect reason to go to San Francisco.
  • bake. A lot. This is, of course, assuming that when this is all over there are still a few days before the scorching heat of summer hits these parts. Otherwise, there is going to be a whole lot of ice-cream & sorbet making instead.
  • go to a concert.
  • visit Costa Rica.
  • buy some clothes that are not jeans or workout gear. I’m not really looking forward to having to look presentable again but it was probably about time.
  • send some apologies, assuming there is anyone left who might accept them.
  • laugh until I cry, and then cry until I laugh.
  • reunite with my good friend, Mr. Goose, first name Grey. That really ought to be at the top of the list.

Or so I like to tell myself. In all actuality, I'll probably just want to curl into a ball and be comatose for a few days when this is all over. Of course, I don't really know what I'm going on about, since this will never, technically, be over.

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