Tuesday, November 23, 2004

he's just a plaything, we want to make him stay up all night

Domo arigato

So, this is that freaky toy I mentioned yesterday. Even though you can't see the solar-powered head bob, perhaps you can appreciate the wackiness of this toy- is it a man? A child? Is it fishing? Is it meditating? Why is it smiling? It's a mystery! Also, all the instructions are in Japanese, so I can't decipher the full breadth of its capabilities.

Treasure hunting is a fun pasttime. I like finding out of the way places. On a minor level, this included finding a Trader Joe's just outside the city that was not overrun. Last night I thought to make a quick trip out to that TJ's, when I was shocked to find that it had disappeared. In its place was a cheerful "we've moved!" sign. It turns out the new Trader Joe's was only around the corner from the old one. I went, expecting the usual stress-free shopping experience. I was sorely mistaken. As if the word had suddenly hit the street, this new TJ's was completely inundated by shoppers, and aggressive ones at that. Much chagrined, I quickly collected my shopping items and high tailed it to the check out.

At this particular TJ's, the hard liquor is situated after the cash registers. I do not understand the logic of this. Will you grab a bottle on your way out and turn around to pay? I don't know. But, as I was waiting in line, I started eyeing a bottle of Belvedere. MMMmmm... I thought... maybe... should I? I continued to stare at the bottle, pondering the purchase. Then I noticed the checkout cashier glancing at me pitifully, like I was a first-class alcoholic. At moments like that, I wonder why the Hunter S. Thompson in me doesn't kick into high gear, and I never come up with something truly shocking like telling the cashier, "Yeah, and could you put a case of the cheapest vodka you have on my bill as well? Thanks!" Instead, I just scurry off embarassed.

Incidentally, Trader Joe's Szechuan soy noodles in garlic broth will cure what ails you. My sinuses and throat felt like a million bucks after a nice bowl of that.

I'm dropping a colleague to the airport this afternoon, as she's off to LA. I wish I was going to Southern California for Thanksgiving- not because I particularly love So Cal, but because I have no love for the red state where I will be spending my holidays. Oh well... there's always Machu Pichu to look forward to...

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