Tuesday, November 09, 2004

once upon a time I could control myself

Interesting... the latest Jet single that's playing on the radio here is Look what you've done. Though I have tired of the incessant Are you gonna be my girl? riffs playing on the radio, on iPod commercials, and various other places, this latest single has caught my fancy momentarily. I can tell I will tire of it, but that is, after all, the beauty of Britpop. And yes, I know they're from Australia, but they are certainly imitating the glory days of Britpop. In fact, Look what you've done has a definite Beatles quality to it. Usually, that gives me bad flashbacks of Noel & Liam snarling at each other while crooning something as unintelligible as Wonderwall, but in this case, it doesn't cause me to roll my eyes.

I have this bad habit of interrupting people at work in the middle of a thought. I'm trying to stop myself from that, but it's a challenge. When my friends and I talk, the outside listener might think we are speaking in tongues. We interrupt each other and launch onto a whole different tangent before getting back to the original point, while throwing in a few sidebars for good measure. Unfortunately, that sort of behavior is frowned upon at my soul-sucking job.

I've been trying not to think of my job as soul-sucking lately, but it's not working. I'm reminded of a particular favorite moment of mine in the film A Fish Called Wanda. Kevin Kline's character is forced to apologize to John Cleese's character. Though he dislikes him, he knows that Cleese's character has something he needs, so he knows he needs to be conciliatory. But he struggles with the apology, to say the least. So there is Kevin Kline saying "I'm so... I'm so... I'm so very ss... f*** you!!!" And that, you see, is how I feel about things related to work most of the time. Sure, I could sing the same tune as everyone else and reason that the work I do does benefit people. But something is so off key, and I just can't seem to grin and bear it. Which just makes me hope the following is true:
You can't always get what you want,
but if you try some time, you just might find,
you get what you need

Random thought... why does Bono skip to 14... I think the Count from Sesame Street needs to pay him a visit? Also, Alice Coltrane is one interesting woman... I'm jealous of you So Cal people. First Mos Def, now this, or more accurately, first this, then Mos Def. Anyway, you can listen to a sample of an interesting interpretation of Sita Ram by Alice Coltrane. That tune gives me flashbacks of my grandfather singing my cousin to sleep when she was a baby. But that's a story for another time.

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