Monday, November 22, 2004

we may stay together, but if we part, I'm sure we'll meet again

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon hiking at a place I fondly refer to as the Cliffs of Insanity. I felt recharged by the experience, until I got home and promptly crashed asleep.

Though I could try not to be shallow, I will succumb and admit that it was difficult to be completely moved by the message of Motorcycle Diaries because Gael Garcia Bernal is so ridiculously good-looking (I've been quoting Zoolander with unhealthy frequency lately). And so is Machu Pichu, for that matter. When I got back from the film, I promptly called my most adventurous friend, and told him we were going to Machu Pichu. He humored me and said he would go. He will live to regret that quick appeasement, as I plan to hold him to this exchange some time next year.

I do think that the film was not so apt at depicting its main premise, that of the way that lives can run in parallel for a time. And I do so love that premise, because it's the story of some of my closest friendships. Such transient friends are some times lamented, but it's not really their fault. A movie that depicts such a friendship perfectly is Il Postino incidentally. That movie makes me swoon. I am a complete and utter sucker for Neruda. Motorcycle Diaries was still a great movie, but I just left very curious about the relationship between Granado and Guevara, still wondering after their different motivations and how their paths wound up diverging so dramatically. Maybe I'm just not so great at picking up subtlety though.

This weekend, I made Arnold Palmer's. I don't know why they are called Arnold Palmer's. Apparently, on the east coast, they are referred to as Half-and-Half's, which just brings to my mind something for your coffee. Anyway, if you prepare a fresh lemonade base, you use a nicely flavored tea (something in the black tea family but with a little flavor to take the edge off- I used a blackberry tea), you dilute it just right, et voila, a fine Arnold Palmer. I test them on my brother to assay my results, as he is extremely finicky, and hates drinks that are too sweet. He gave it his seal of approval, and subsequently drank half of the pitcher. But at the end of it all, I thought it would have really livened things up if I had used this recipe instead.

My friend P went on a trip to Kyoto, and brought me back a present. It is this strange little fisherman figure (I assume he is a fisherman, but that might be a twig in his hand rather than a fishing rod, I'm really not sure), that is solar-powered, and nods its head in peaceful bliss and approval when the right amount of sunlight is showered upon it. I have to admit that I can be quite transfixed by the thing. I would post a picture of it, but it would not capture the nodding, which is really the whole point of the toy, I suppose.

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