Thursday, November 04, 2004

pledge my grievance to the flag

Blogger feasted on the post I initially wrote. Which is probably for the best since it was mostly a raving mad rant regarding San Francisco's indictment of Gavin Newsom as the man responsible for Kerry's loss. I'm getting the hell out of dialogue regarding politics for a while, in order to keep my blood pressure at the low level I am usually so proud of maintaining.

Just to be controversial, Colbert is funnier than Stewart.

My brother and I talked yesterday and he gave me the dude, it really doesn't matter speech again about the election. Serenity now... hoochie mama... none of it works.

But, in the self-psycho-babble nonsense category, I think I need to delineate my angst regarding the election from my angst regarding getting into school (or, how I learned to lose my mind). It's really a strange thing, to be so frantic, and have so much of my ease of mind resting on something completely out of my control. I have to admit that I've lost the knack for that. Not that I loved the process when I was applying to college or grad school. But somehow, this time around, everything feels more urgent, and at the same time more uphill. Perhaps the benefit of youth is arrogance, and the pitfall of wisdom is an awareness that things don't always work out.

I find it strange, I guess, because I'm so comfortable with falling on my face in other areas of life. I have never minded the loss of control that comes with falling for someone. I have even learned to deal with friends who are flighty and unreliable, and have come to be pretty nonchalant about flaky behavior (which is a necessary trait to maintain sanity if you want to live where I do). I have never been shy about flopping either; I've never hesitated on a decision because I was so afraid it was a mistake.

And yet, here I am, most likely developing an ulcer because, ten years after graduating from college, I've lost my mind and decided that I want to do something. And even though I have a perfectly fine existence in terms of having a good job and friends and family, so much of my happiness seems to depend on this right now. I just want to live my life by the credo I always imagined:
Believe in love and love
Believe in death and die
Like work and work
- S. Fischerova

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