Monday, February 28, 2005

easily amused

This line is going to lose something because of context, but too bad, I'm going for it. On Saturday night, I was at P & J's with my teen cousin and her friend, who are visiting from out of town. My brother and P were getting ready to ditch me and the teenagers to hit Dhamaal, gentlemen that they are. Thanks for ditching me with the youngsters, jerks. Anyway, P emerges from his bedroom dressed in a velour track suit. Suddenly, I wasn't so depressed about being left behind to hang with the teeniacs. P and I got into an argument about the color of his tracksuit. Everyone thought it was grey, purple, or brown. Then, this happened:
    Me: I'm pretty sure it's grey, P.
    P: You are all blind. It's definitely black.
    Me: It's definitely not black.
    P: J, isn't this black?
    J: Sure. It's black, like Michael Jackson.
I know, easy shot, right? But it should be noted that J is Brazilian and has a thick accent. The reference came out of nowhere, and J uttered it casually while lounging on a hammock. I was doubled over.

This morning, I was trying not to wake the teeniacs, who are here all week. That meant no NPR this morning for me. I'm such a creature of habit. I suddenly felt quite disconnected. I'm really not sure what the latest news is, except that Leonardo DiCraprio did not win an Oscar, so I can continue to breathe easy. But I did read something this morning that gave credence to all my whinging about my former 5-year exile in New Jersey: NY times says suburbia might be bad for your health. Granted, the study has plenty of confounding factors, so maybe you can't read too much into it. All the same, given that I already think suburban living can suck your soul dry, this was just further evidence that I will continue to stay away.

In a meeting today, the discussion was getting heated and decidedly technical, so much so that my brain was starting to melt from not being able to decipher the particulars of what the hell two dudes were arguing about. Then some jackass interrupts and says, "Maybe we should vote on it." I gave him the smackdown, but it was just an obvious example of the problem with all-encompassing democracy- a good 70% of the people at the meeting didn't know jack about the issue at hand, and frankly, I'd be fearful of giving them (or me) a vote in this sort of situation. And then I think of the government, and I shudder to think.

Full circle- fun way to waste time with 16-year olds: take them to karaoke, let them sing along to P.I.M.P until they suddenly realize what they're singing, are thoroughly horrified, and squeal with disgust. Less fun way to waste time with 16-year olds: lose $10 to them in a game of Texas Hold 'Em. Yes, I am a really bad cousin.

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