Wednesday, October 12, 2005

all seven and we'll watch them fall

San Francisco is so perfect at times. This morning, I drove through a haze of love to get to work. Cool mist, images appearing in and dissolving out of sight. It matched so succinctly how I felt that I could not help but smile to myself. Really, I am coming out of the fog that was the last two days of crazed cramming and exam taking. And last night, just when I was ready to rub the clouds out of my eyes, an injection of the past into the present caused another wave of confusion to wash over my brain.

But the fog starts to burn off as the sunlight starts to assert itself, as all good San Franciscans know. And I am warmed by all the well wishers.

I do not usually undertake these, but then again, I have never been tagged to do this, and Andrea tagged me, so I had to give it a stab, and let me say, I think this might be the last one of the sort for me, because this requires effort, and I am one lazy b-:
    7 things I plan to do before I die:
  • go to Spain
  • learn to speak Spanish fluently
  • admit I'll never be a rock star and sell my electric guitar & amp
  • find a new line of work
  • make amends with all the XYs I've flipped out on in my lifetime
  • collect all my photographs and put them into an album
  • tell the bro-seph I lurve him.

    7 things I can do:
  • organic chemistry
  • slam into walls, shatter into pieces, collect the debris, put myself back together, brush myself off, and slam into another wall
  • get a sunburn (an unfortunate discovery in the last few years)
  • commit intensely to something I want for a finite time
  • knit passably
  • sign the alphabet
  • read and write Gujarati at a second-grade reading level (hey, look, there's not much I can do especially well, I'm grasping for straws here)

    7 things I cannot do:
  • drive standard shift (so embarassing)
  • friends with benefits (the effect of age)
  • live without chocolate
  • eat mussels, oysters, assorted shellfish, eggplants, coconut
  • maintain a good poker face
  • keep my apartment clean
  • headstands, handstands, yoga in general

    7 things that attract me to another person:
  • a unhealthy love of virusesscience
  • an ability to be self-deprecating while not being insecure
  • tough exoskeleton, soft underbelly
  • a streak of mischief
  • a streak of protectiveness
  • a forgiving nature, especially in regards to insane behavior
  • pheromones

Sheesh. Well, I don't know about you, but thanks, I'm full.


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