Friday, October 07, 2005

back to that flat, fine line

He lived in a subtle, massive place, but would say he lived in San Francisco. He entered contests, but would claim little interest in winning. Every day, he sat in front of a computer, yet he would pause interminably when asked his occupation. In that pause, the weight of two realities pressed down upon him.

Yes, folks, I have become one of the lemmings. For now.

It is going to be a lovely weekend here. There are a million things happening, and I would love to do every one of them- Litquake, fleet week, nice weather conducive to hikes, a big sale at REI. Living in the bay area can be difficult at a time like this. I told someone once that I think SF is a good place for an over-motivated person; it takes the edge off. Similarly, it can be a dangerous place for a passive person; you could tread water for years. I, as usual, fall somewhere in between. So, a weekend like this, with so much to offer that I ultimately must refuse, makes me a bit blue.

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