Tuesday, December 20, 2005

that may be all I need

Having been wrapped up in rejoicing over the victory against Intelligent Design today, I haven't been paying much attention to anything else. In truth, the ID victory was not that momentous- the Dover board that originally proposed including ID in science classes have since been swept out of their positions in the last election. And it is a little ludicrous that we are having this debate at all eighty years after the Scopes trial. Eighty.

Yesterday's voting poll is still open, but I should warn you that, last night, due to the overwhelming votes (two) in the category, I went ahead and made holiday brownies. I have a feeling those were getting votes because people though I would include a certain festive ingredient into the experiment. Let me assure all you sucker MC's that I did. Pictures tomorrow, when I am not blogging in the dark ages. In a show of solidarity with New Yorkers, I am working from home today. Okay, it's more to do with laziness than New Yorkers, but that can't be much of a surprise to anyone reading this.

More reasons why I am one of the lousiest friends on the planet- I give up on people. I have two friends right now that are in this vortex of depression, a vortex that is mercilessly sucking any happiness in a 50-mile radius, absorbing it, and effortlessly converting it to misery. And instead of confronting them about this, or better yet, standing by them through this, I am just tired. Weary. Drained at the thought of having to see them. There is a strong chance that I will simply distance myself from these people, drift away in baby steps, until one day, there is an irreparable chasm between us. That is okay with me- to me, that is the no drama approach. I have no patience for trying to change people. Instead, I'd rather recognize an inherent incompatability and call it a day. I know that this makes me a robot. Or a Tin Man. I think I need a new heart.

Maybe it's all the more acute because I spent Sunday with a bunch of very well-adjusted people: maisnon, ads, SJM, and Roopali. We strong-armed SJM into seeing Brokeback Mountain, and he was a good enough sport to accompany us with a minimal amount of grumbling. I am convinced that is the only way you can get a straight man to see this movie. Even though I had some nits to pick about it, I thought it was well-done. Ang Lee always has a lot going on in his movies- they're never simply about one thing. His movies seep into you and leave you with a hundred thoughts and questions afterwards. Okay, maybe the Wedding Banquet wasn't quite so heavy, but everything else of his is like mercury, dense and pervasive.

After the film, these good peeps who, with the exception of SJM, are all from out-of-San Francisco, came to my beloved stomping ground. I have not spent a lollygagging Sunday like that in recent memory, and I was sort of in lurve with everything anew. That included the Mission and all its hipster quirks. I was explaining to SJM and ads this new tendency of people to wear Oliver Twist-esque caps. They remarked that they didn't know what that would look like. Just then, just such a tragically hip chick wandered out of Amnesia. And scene.

While I am an introvert, and I am more comfortable being alone, I think what that really means is that I am not revved just by being around a crowd. But I am energized, very much so, by being around people who have interesting things to say and discuss, and are not spending every waking moment crying woe is me. I had forgotten that, because so many people I have met over the past few years have been non-stop drama freakshows. A little even-keeled conversation and company can go a long way.

Oh no... did I just write a post about feelings? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little (TM Dodgeball).

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