Thursday, December 15, 2005

your liver pays dearly now for youthful magic moments

Monday: Grey Goose & tonic, twist of lime.

Tuesday: Charbay Lime & tonic, so strong that I had to (sheepishly) ask the barkeep to dilute it with more tonic.

Wednesday: Devil's Kiss at Range, consisting of Chopin vodka, pomegranate (!) juice, and some other good stuff. Pretty, and I'm usually not one for pretty drinks.

Thursday: Any suggestions in keeping with the holiday spirit? I have already had a half a glass of champagne and a glass of pinot noir during work hours, so at this point, anything clearly goes.

This seems like perfect evidence that freedom after a period of too much restraint is a cheap ticket to trouble.

In other news, after sating my stomach last night and having an awkward but ultimately harmless argument with my friend SP, I savored the cold, biting air that has rested itself in San Francisco of late. The cold is a necessary thing at times. It forces us to pause, huddle together, wrap a blanket around ourselves. It makes us feel like it is December, which is something, if you live in San Francisco, you need to be reminded of every once in a while.

Afterwards, I wondered if I had become a lightweight. Was I drunk? What else could explain turning on the idiot box to watch Alias, and enjoying it? Wha?!?

Tonight is PG's birthday, but I am celebrating as well. Celebrating temporary freedom, breathing a sigh of relief upon receiving one of my grades, and relishing the chance to take another walk in my neighborhood with a mild chill.

Salil just reminded of the news I heard this morning: former senator William Oxmire passed away. It was sad to be reminded of what he stood for, because it brings to mind just how far the Democratic party has strayed from having some real... well, cojones. Which reminded me of Jon Stewart's skewering of Dean & the Dems last night on The Daily Show- you have to watch the Shrub make a fool of himself for a few minutes before it gets to Dean, but it's always worth reminding yourself of our great commander-in-chief's press charms. I am so disillusioned with Democrats that I am yearning for a crazy third party candidate... I would even consider voting for Ross Perot at this point. Look, as I have stated previously, I would certainly like to see a woman as President of the United States. However, that woman is not Hillary Clinton. And if the Democrats are pushing her as their most likely candidate, I am going to start campaigning for Ralph Nader and John McCain or some such other apocalyptic combination to make the 2008 ticket. Sheesh.

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