Monday, April 24, 2006

all my friends say that of course it's gonna get better

At the moment, I cannot recall if I wrote it down here or not, but W & I once had a long, alcohol-laced conversation about talking vs. doing, and how there is a time and place where one should outweigh the other. In a beautiful piece of blog serendipity, Maitri pointed out the same thing today.

I know she did not mean for it to have this end result, but it rather crystallized some thoughts I have been having of late. I cannot talk out both sides of my mouth. I cannot talk about quitting a job that pays the rent, and turn around and spend time blogging. And certainly, it is a form of release, but whining is boring after a while. Contrary to what the usual reader of this blog would surmise, I actually loathe whining about the same topic ad nauseam. If you're really so miserable, do something about it.

And I am doing something about it, which further complicates matters. All I really want to write about right now has to do with The Goal, but I am unable. And that, too, is boring to anyone but me.

Everyone has been amazing and supportive and superfantastic. But now is the time on Sprockets when we dance. Not really. Now is the time for work- lots and lots of work. Action. So if I seem a little silent here, it's because I am trying to convert the usual nonsense into something of import.

That's not to say I might not be back tomorrow with endless incoherent ramblings, whinings and b*tchy remarks. I'm nothing if not inconsistent. Wait, does that even make sense?!?

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