Wednesday, April 19, 2006

there is no you, there is only me

There has been a change of plans up in here as a result of staying at work until nearly 9 pm yesterday. This is my game plan, after finding out that the head of my department told a trusted source that I am coasting (?!?). This particularly sucks, because the people that are actually on my team have been bathing me in lurve of late, but I am nearing the end of my rope. This is in part my own fault, because I do not do much of a PR job about what I do every day. I know some a$$holes who always send an email to people at 9 pm so that everyone knows how late they were working, but that sh*t makes my stomach turn. Instead of that, this is an outline of the battle of me vs. the man:
  • You clearly do not comprehend how many hours I have been working of late.
  • I cannot work these sorts of hours right now.
  • Due to my current personal life, I cannot work more than 40-50 hours per week.
  • If you cannot make that happen, then you have two options- give me an unpaid leave of absence for the next two months to sort things out or accept my resignation.

This sucks because I always wanted a severance package, or to set the place on fire. But let's see how it plays out. Or for that matter, if I even have the cojones to say all of this.

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