Wednesday, April 26, 2006

stamp out your fire, he can change your desire

My version of retail therapy:
  • Purchasing Happy Mondays' Step On from iTunes. Yes, I am a fossil, but what I will do for nostalgic purposes is, well, pretty much anything.
  • A free (ahem, legal) download of a Wolfmother tune. Not because I know anything about them, but because it seems to compensate for the Happy Mondays business. And yet I somehow feel that Step On will be seeing more action on my playlist, go figure.
  • Three Hangar One & Tonics.

It is not right to blog when I should be getting sh*t done. On the other hand, it is not right not to blog if all I did tonight was get toasted. Sure, it was work-related carousing, but at this point, does it really matter?

A quick tale to demonstrate compelling evidence of the burgeoning, or resurgence, of my idiocy. Even though I was trying to observe turn off your television week, I thought I would videotape Alias, because... um, how shall I put this... the eye candy that is Vaughn. I know you may be thinking that I am chiding myself for taping a stupid television show, but that is not my gripe. My problem is that I set the VCR to record from 7:58 to 8:05.

Also, I said this to KL tonight after getting a lecture from another coworker about how we really should be focusing on the nice guys: "But worthless bastards are so much more fun."

See, sometimes silence really is golden.

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