Thursday, July 20, 2006

learn to buck up

My friend T brought his baby into work today, and I had to pretend he was cute. That sucked. And also, for writing that just now, I have certainly obtained that one-way ticket to purgatory I've been pursuing for so long.

My head exploded and then, well, not to go all soft on y'all (by the by, since when did my east-coast a$$ develop this Texan habit), but I got saved. Here's the course of events:
  • Last night, read the headline that George W. vetoed the stem cell bill. Remember all that rage I was talking about yesterday? Doubled.
  • Woke up this morning to hear that an exercise in posturing a congressional hearing was held to argue about Global Warming. Can someone please explain to me why the same people that argue that Global Warming and evolution are theories can state with absolute certainty that an embryonic stem cell is the beginning of a sentient life?
  • Co-worker started talking to me about Israel bombing Lebanon.
  • Head exploded. Had to walk outside the building for twenty minutes to calm down.
  • Read e-mail from B. Have you ever seen a toddler walking around with a father? The toddler is still, well, toddling, and as a result, every once in a while, he wobbles a bit. Cue father, who by this time, has become expert in predicting such imminent falls, and gently, but decisively, pulls the back of his overalls or shirt to pull him upright again. B's email? A lot like that. I am walking without a slump now. Let's do this!

See, I think it is important in life to have that balance. You need a few friends who goad you along with an amen to that or an oh, yeah, you were totally right. And you need other friends to put on the brakes with a whoa, calm the f@!# down, dude, it's not that bad and a stop talking, start working. The best thing is that B actually pulled off striking a balance between the two, which, I suppose, makes her something of a zen master.

Tomorrow- baking scones, which I have promised to my GBF. The promise was made to create an intentional obligation, because it is the only way I'll snap out of my baking funk. Oh, also tomorrow? Hardly Working from home. You know what that means- pajamas until noon!

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