Thursday, July 13, 2006

up here in my tree

My homey AL has been in town since yesterday, so I have been non-blogging due to that. He does not know I have a blog, and even if he did, he would demand that I stop all blogging activities while he is visiting. He has, after all, put a stop to most The Goal activities, because, as he put it, "Dude, hello? I'm here!" in this tone that suggests that should be more than sufficient rationale.

For the most part, though, these types of demands are unspoken. He is just the sort of person who compels everyone to give him their undivided attention. And unlike the terrors of the Cruise of last week, AL exudes nothing but positivity. Call yourself old? "You're not even old, dude!" Call yourself out of shape? "Dude, whatever, you just got to get back into the swing of things, you can do it." Unsure if you've taken him to a good restaurant? You get an unsolicited: "Dude, this food is awesome!" It's like a cross between having a five-year old, a motivational speaker, and a golden retriever all mixed up and embodying a 6-foot tall dude who just passed 30.

Even though I got tired of that kind of endless optimism when we were roommates, I will certainly not grow weary of it in the next three days, after such a stretch of doubts and uncertainties. A good homey bounding around the city with me could be just the right prescription.

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