Wednesday, January 25, 2006

wants more dinero just to stay at home

Not only did I tag oodles, but I am also harassing her this evening. She somewhat foolishly agreed to allow me to come over to watch Lost tonight. There is no doubt that she will regret it. I'm really the worst person to watch television with- I constantly yell at the television set. Once, when watching a show with the bro-seph, he turned to me and gravely asserted, "You do realize this isn't real, right?" If she's really feeling generous, I may take further advantage of her by forcing her to watch Project Runway. Time will tell.

I have been in training all day. This means I am annoyed, because I had to listen to such things as "nothing succeeds better than success" (true quote). I also had to listen to an absolutely absurd comparison of my job to Frodo Baggins. I'm surprised I managed to complete the day without engaging in any ultraviolence.

Last night, SP called me randomly, and the following exchange ensued:
    SP: Dude, turn on KQED. Someone with cerebral palsy is climbing Kilimanjaro. We can totally do it.
    me: You can totally do it.
    SP: He has cerebral palsy.
    me: Yeah, but he still appears to have better lung capacity than me.
    SP: I'm telling you...
    me: Is he doing the 9-day trek?
    SP: No, he's doing some other crazy version.
    me: He's on a vision quest.
    SP: Yeah. (pause) But, come on, doesn't this inspire you to do it?
    me: Nine days without a shower, SP.
    SP: We made it through four days. Remember how good the shower felt afterwards? You have to suffer to appreciate the small things.
    me: You know what? This seems as much a pipe dream as pretty much anything else right now.

I have created a monster. It was my dumbkopf idea to hike Macchu Picchu. SP came with me, and now she's like Grizzly Adams.

Though I said there would be little talk about football for the remainder of the season, I would like to state that I am conflicted. I like the romantic notion of a team like the Seahawks finally making it to the big show. But I think I like Bill Cowher more. Grumpy coaches are the best.

Even though it will likely be freezing, I am strangely enthused about my trip to the east coast. Perhaps not so strangely. I do get to see Anna, and potentially meet some other cool folks. I also get to spend time in Brooklyn. When I used to go to NYC every weekend, I rarely went to Brooklyn. But when I did, it was magical, and struck me as the part of New York that was most comfortable to inhabit. Of course, all of that said, the fact that I haven't even thought about packing for the trip yet, and that my flight is at the crack of dawn on Friday morning is currently causing my stomach to churn a bit. But stress kept me from falling asleep during training today, so I suppose it does come in handy at times.

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