Monday, January 09, 2006

you feel good until you feel wrong

The worst part about business travel is the requisite business dinner that accompanies it. Really, they ought to outlaw this practice- dinner should be free time, to be spent either on your own, or with whomever you voluntarily choose. Instead, it feels like working a fourteen-hour day. Tonight was a good example. Gay Co-Worker motioned for me to move over a seat to listen to the conversation between two people sitting next to him. I shall refer to person 1 as A$$hat, and you will see why, just as you will quickly understand why person 2 is Unsuspecting co-worker. Also of importance- they work with us, but have never spoken socially until tonight. And this is the nonsense I hear as soon as I sidle up by GCW dude:
    A$$hat: How long have you been dating?
    Unsuspecting co-worker: About four months.
    A$$hat: And has he told you that he loves you?
    Unsuspecting co-worker: No.
    A$$hat: And have you told him that you love him?
    Unsuspecting co-worker (growing more uncomfortable by the minute): No.
    A$$hat (leaning back as if he is about to hit us with some deep philosophy): I think if you are over 30, you should know very quickly. I mean, come on. Like in two months at the most.
    Me: Anyways.

Why UCW did not swiftly kick him where it counts still eludes me. Needless to say, I am wearing the extra-large Grumpy McBitchyPants. Really, I feel like some people need to go to Remedial How to Behave Like a Normal Human Being class. Oh, how I look forward to another twelve hours with some of these dumbkopfs tomorrow.

But really, I think this is part of a cumulative effect of spending one night this past weekend with a bunch of drunken morons. Seeing the desperate and, well, frankly, somewhat disgusting behavior of people who really should know better, but have decided, "oh, well, I'm drinking, so I'm allowed to act like a reprehensible human being"-- yeah, it is more than enough to make you give up on humanity. I am feeling cynical. Let us hope another day in the sunshine will clear the clouds from my eyes.

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