Wednesday, November 22, 2006

they like the way we work

Things I did today:
  • Since I wimped out of going last night, dragged myself to the market during lunch today along with other psychotic shoppers to purchase preparatory materials for the bake-off that will start tonight and end tomorrow (with my planning skills, probably ten minutes before I'm supposed to get to Thanksgiving dinner).
  • Thanks to the excellent advice of Thalassa, purchased tickets to travel between Houston and Austin during the Christmas holidays, thus satisfying granddaughter duties.
  • After wrangling commitments out of flaky coworkers, bought four tickets to see The Sound of Music, sing-a-long version no less, at The Castro theater on Saturday. If any readers are in the Bay Area and have any interest in participating in the foolishness, do let me know. We all agreed that, when attending an event where there will undoubtedly be at least ten men dressed up as Maria Von Trapp, it is important to have a solid drink beforehand. I see a Grey Goose and Tonic in my future. I am only sorry that A N N A is not in the area right now, as I know she is particularly fond of this movie, maybe as fond of it as my cheesy a$$ is.
  • Researched empanada dough recipes. I've gotten it into my head that it would be great fun to figure out how to make an apple pie version of empanadas. Basically a McDonald's apple pie, sans fried crust, burnt tongues, and 700 additives and preservatives.

Things I have not done today:
  • Anything productive for which I am actually paid to be in this office.

Even though I have already shoved this song in the direction of anyone with a pair of ears, I found the video even more precious, so I had no choice but to be even more overbearing. There is a nice Holi-esque moment towards the end that is rather sweet as well.

I am thankful for Regina Spektor, among a 1000 other things. I am even thankful for the absurdity of work, as when my boss sent out an email yesterday with the subject line Gobble, gobble without a hint of subversive humor whatsoever.

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