Friday, March 02, 2007

sun is in the sky, oh why, oh why would I want to be anywhere else?

Y'all, did you know it's Texas Independence Day today? Yeah, I don't know what that is either, but some woman dropped off a cookie shaped like the state of Texas on my desk with icing numbers 3-2-1836. Those crazy Texans.

I have planned rather poorly. Nonetheless, certain things have started to happen. Yesterday, the big cheese and I had our first talk about my actual date of departure. She's still not exactly thinking about it like I am, but there will be more concrete discussions soon enough. More importantly (ha, a good example of how I have no sense of prioritization), I mailed out two boxes of junk today to EBF. I figured I ought to start shipping out some of the things I don't need to both clear out my abode as well as lessen the number of things I need to move when I really move.

But I planned rather poorly because today the weather is quite lovely. And actually, it's supposed to remain lovely throughout the weekend. And this is bad planning. The weeks that were miserable and rainy, when I should have spent most of my time organizing, packing and planning, I was lazy for one reason or the other, some legitimate, some not so much. So now, this weekend is going to be an absolute depression-fest, because I'll have to longingly stare out at the beautiful sundrenched Mission, while I put together bags of crap to bring to the Salvation Army. But oh well, sometimes you have to bite the bullet. Besides which, I know there are other sunny days ahead. It's California, after all...for now.

In this sense, I suppose I am rather all or nothing. I declined invitations to go out carousing tonight and have put myself on lockdown for the weekend. It's actually well and good that I'm taking a Friday night off; my liver will certainly thank me for it. Moreover, I suspect I'll have a much more productive Saturday as a result. And maybe, just maybe, I'll even get around to baking something.

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