Friday, August 24, 2007

it's just overkill

Blame maisnon, she started it:

brimful --



'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Rather apt given my blogging this week, I would say.

Anyway, here's some more girliness to drive the last of the male readers away. I realized this morning that I have this entire matrix in my head for how I treat my hair:
  • If I just washed my hair, I let it remain wavy and unruly and totally out of control (my hair is naturally somewhere in between wavy and slightly, ever so slightly curly, and also, headache-inducingly thick).

  • If it is very hot, I keep my hair straight (but I don't use a straightener because those things scare me). Because my hair is both heavy and wavy, if it is too hot, that means my hair becomes almost unbearable. I've somehow convinced myself that drying my hair straight tends to make it slightly lighter and therefore, somehow less suffocating in the heat.

  • If I am running late or if it is getting too hot, the hair gets pulled back. But this can only be accomplished if my hair is either wet or has been blown dry. If it is in its truly natural state, it's actually too large and thick at that point to pull back- I have lost many an elastic (and possibly some people behind me have suffered ocular injuries) testing that one out.

And that's leaving aside what's happened since school started, because now my objectives for the day have to be factored in (test= hair pulled back, lab= hair pulled back after drying, etc). I should probably be using these neurons on studying, but I haven't figured out how to stay quite that focused.

Then again, I probably should be using that portion of my brain on thinking about what I'm wearing instead of my hair. Today, we were given feedback on how we behave in team settings. Given my inner monologue of late, I thought I was in for the riot act, but instead, the instructor was all sunshine and rainbows. Except that he completely stalled out halfway through the discussion because he was distracted by my t-shirt. I had not even realized what I was wearing, but it turned out it was this (in light blue):

Oops. You can scratch any thoughts you may have had about how I'm so much more mature than my classmates right about now.

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