Tuesday, August 28, 2007

sweet heart bitter heart, now I can't tell you apart

Y'all, I know I get all cheesified with the music gushing, but this shizz is just so twee, at just when I needed a little dose of it, that I automatically smile when I see it. I know the song's all played out, and some people think Feist's older work is tighter, but to you all, I must say, with all due respect and no offense intended- whatever. Me likey. Do you? Check it:

Other than that, I have been thinking about balance and extremes a lot, when really I should be spending that time more productively. But I've given myself this little pep talk. I always want to be at a baseline, to be unphased by whatever is happening in the day-to-day. But. 1) Life would be rather dull if I really felt that way. 2) The body itself does not do this. The body is always, actually, in conflict. When you contract one set of muscles, another set of muscles relaxes. When one part of your system is telling your heart to go for broke, another one is telling you to calm that shizz down. All these forces in opposition, this whole, beautiful mess- and the result is that, for the most part, every day, you wind up okay.

So I think I just need to get better about understanding that there will always be a push and pull within me, that I'll always be a bit torn.

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