Monday, January 24, 2005

all my rivals will see what I have in store

Sorry, Cowher. I actually like you a lot. But I love my team more. I apologize, really. Okay, not really... you always have next year, man. Conversation between me and my friend A during the game yesterday, right as they were heading into the half:
Me: Actually, I'm worried. We're killing them. They're going to go into the locker room and Cowher is going to rip them a new one.
A: Yeah, that's true. Man, he is going to go off on them.
Me: I know... he looks like that crazy, grouchy uncle who is one step away from losing his cool with his kids.
A: I bet they hauled stuff into the locker room just so he can break it.
Me: Yep, he's going to be throwing some stuff, that's for sure. And then the Steelers are going to be all fired up in the 3rd.
A: Bellichick would be doing that too.
Me: Except that we're winning. So Bellichick is just going to say "don't get too comfy, girls." I'm freaking out, dude.
A: Dude, calm down, we're up... by a lot of points.
Me: I know, but you know me.
A: I know, you're always freaking out. It's like, pick a topic, watch her freak out about it.
Me: By the way, Brady needs to stop rocking the mullet.
A: I know- in general, if hair is creeping out of your helmet, it's a bad sign.
Also, Troy Brown is my effing hero. I hope they doubled his salary, because the dude has been playing both defense and offense. And then of course, there's the man that A praises more than anything in this world: Adam Vinatieri. Why? The guy is 33, people. That's like a senior citizen by football terms. He's 33, and he just tied the record for longest field goal on Steelers' territory by any player. Take that, you little punks.

Yes, I'm a little ridiculous about football. Even though the Pats were the most heartbreaking team in the league at the time, football was still a prevalent game in our house. Strangely, watching sports was very popular in my house. My father and mother both enjoy watching basketball. But football is all about my dad. My mom doesn't really get it; I think it's not fast-paced enough for her. So, she'll watch for a bit, but then she'll decide that there is laundry to do, or something to fry in the kitchen, and lose interest in the game. But when football was on in our house, that would be the only time I would see my father on the weekend sitting still, really relaxing. And as a child, I would sit beside him, while he would explain how the game worked. And why it was absolutely essential that we should dislike the Dolphins. You know, that sort of thing. As it turns out, my father equipped me with a weapon of mass deception. In graduate school, where I was one of three women in my class, I had a secret ticket into the boys' club. It's okay if you don't like the same teams, it's just important that you can speak somewhat intelligibly on the subject. In fact, a little rivalry can be a good thing. To that end, sorry McNabb, this isn't going to be that year for you. At least you made it to the big show this time.

It is funny, though, to read my formerly local papers and their coverage of the game. They are so clearly biased that it's nearly hilarious- evidence can be found here. It's no wonder so many people despise Boston fans, including this guy, towards whom I bear no ill will.

For non-NFL'ers... I'll post something where I'm not speaking in tongues later.

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