Friday, January 14, 2005

so much rejection with every connection I make

Yesterday, I received some bad news. The bad news that is coming my way is not arriving in one fell swoop. Instead, it descends like fog settling into a valley, ever present, ever promising rain. So the fog got a little thicker yesterday. And I know, I know very well that I should not be so discouraged. I know that I am gainfully employed. I know that, along with the bad news, a little package of a very sweet present had also arrived from my friend A. I know that I live in a great part of the country. I have never been seriously ill, nor have any of my immediate family members. I am, in countless ways, so lucky. I know all these things, but right now, I can't feel them.

Back to TS Eliot:
"and in short I was afraid"

Next post: less drama queen 'tude.

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