Wednesday, January 12, 2005

the walls are closing in, but that's okay

Naveen Andrews is calling my name, so I have to get away from this computer soon. A friend of mine snidely remarked the other day that, if I'm going to commit to this "go out more in 2005" plan, maybe I ought to lay off this Lost addiction. This from a friend who once left a party with over 500 people at it on a Saturday night to go watch Six Feet Under on DVD. I'm not attached to many shows at the moment... I think I'm allowed this one night a week to be decadent and stupid. So there.

It's getting to the point now, this looming thought of impending bad news, that I somewhat dread returning home every evening, shudder slightly as I open the mailbox. But, that's why I need to get my ass out the door more often. Speaking of which, my friend P had to point out to me that this is on Friday, not Saturday. I'm an idiot, in case that wasn't apparent yet. Luckily, I didn't have plans yet for Friday, so it all works out just fine.

Oakenfold might be a genius. I'm starting to think that might be true, because I keep hearing Starry-Eyed Surprise, and I keep thinking these are the most ridiculously inane lyrics of all time and yet I have to admit that the damn song is catchy. Years after I bought the damn Oakenfold cd, Bunkka, no less. Damn you for making me listen to anything involving Crazy town, Oakenfold. I mean, really... it's me and you like Sid & Nancy?!? And also, why are they so obsessed with butterflies?

And to continue on the random tangents, here's a little etiquette tip for workplace behavior: when you see that someone is on their way to the bathroom, do not stop them in their tracks and ask a long, drawn out question. Bad form, man- I really had to go!

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