Friday, January 21, 2005

now I walk around the city, just waiting to come to

It's rare that I have dreams that I remember upon waking. Like haze, the dream usually burns off in my mind in the morning. Of course, not so today. I had a dream that I was back in my hometown, walking through an open-air shopping market (which, incidentally, doesn't exist- in my dream, my hometown had become a lot cooler and Montreal-esque). I stopped in a clothing store, and as I was picking through a pile of sweaters, I noticed a woman looking over at me with disdain and then... she threw a rock at me! The first rock was a small one, the smooth kind that you might use to skip on a pond. But she kept at it, and the stones were getting progressively larger. So, in this bizarro version of my hometown, I marched up to her and yelled at her. The woman's younger sister came by and tried to usher the woman away. But I wouldn't let up. I wanted an apology. I wanted her to understand that it was not okay to go around throwing rocks at people. She laughed it off, until I threatened to sue her. She said "you're not hurt." I told her I would sue her for mental distress (in the real world, there's no way I would have come up with such a clever comeback on the fly). The woman's younger sister got nervous at that point and forced the woman to apologize. I woke up and the dream was vivid in my recollection, but I'll be damned if I can interpret anything from it.

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