Thursday, January 06, 2005

pledge my grievance to the flag

You know, I started the day on the best possible note, because, when you drive into work and the first song that comes on the radio at random is Raspberry Beret, you're convinced you're heading in for a fantastic day. So much for that:

Clear Channel really sucks, to state the painfully obvious. If you want to know more, read Anna's explanation of the Star and BucWild fiasco, and then write a letter. Yes, write a letter, post it, and mail it out. Letters still pack more of a punch than e-mail, and, in addition, they force us to write in complete sentences, and I know I forget about that art when I post to this blog. I thought about posting the letter I wrote here, but I think it's better for everyone to write their own diatribe, since that also packs more of a punch than a form letter. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now, but I remain peeved.

A while back, I made a list of reasons I will one day be kicked out of California, and forgot to include the biggest one of them all: I don't drink coffee, and never will. My friend A came to visit me a year ago, and rejoiced in the fact that he could walk out my door and find a coffee shop within one block in every direction from my place. Then he noted that this wonderful gift is truly wasted on me. I can't argue. Don't assume that I'm some sort of sanyasi though- I ingest plenty of caffeine. Why am I writing about all of this? Because I noticed today what an enormous pansy I am. I cut down my caffeine intake at lunch from 20 ounces to 12 ounces, and realized that I've been a mess in the afternoons because of this slight alteration in habit. Ridiculous. On the up side, I've had much less fitful sleep patterns.

A mixture of this Star business, the lack of caffeine in my bloodstream (a little reverse Morrissey there), and the fact that this is my first week back at work after a long stretch of navel gazing relaxation- has made me quite a grump today. Solution: go home and bake myself out of house and home. Hey, not like that!! I'm talking about cookies and scones. I bought some lemons at the local bodega and they have been crying out to me to be used for something in the lemon and ginger family. I like the combination of lemon and ginger in almost anything. Incidentally, the visit to the bodega gently prodded me into something I've intended to do for ages- sign up for Spanish lessons. My Spanish is for crap at the moment, yet somehow, the folks at the local bodega will always warble out "tres veintiuno, por favor" to me when I'm checking out at the register. And I'm tired of smiling dumbly at them because I can't think of any clever Spanish small talk.

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