Thursday, January 27, 2005

I worry over situations I know will be all right, it's just overkill

Maybe things really are turned a bit upside down in Australia, because yesterday, Marat Safin, the most temperamental, borderline maniacal tennis player around these days (really, he makes the Mac look like a completely docile sweetie) beat Swiss wunderkind, Roger Federer in a 4 and 1/2 hour brawl. This after Federer had made such short work of Agassi that he could only respond with this:
"He just outplayed me," Agassi said. "He was too good. I would suggest to his next opponent that he doesn't look to me for advice."
Most upsetting part of all of this: Roddick may be poised to win the Australian Open. That is a bitter pill for me to swallow.

Activation energy barriers are on my mind just now: the immense amount of energy that you have to put in to make something happen. It feels very Sisyphusian on some levels, because, when you're pushing yourself up that hill, you can't see what happens when you've reached the peak. And you've lost your bearings, so you don't know exactly how much further you must go. All you can do is push, keep pushing, and that feels futile. Just a year ago, I was at the bottom of that hill, the very bottom. But I had summitted something even then- I had cleared the activation energy barrier that it takes to even start the first climb. I just wish I knew how close to the top I am now.

Random tangent of the day: Is it just me or are there are a lot of similarities between the story of Mirabai and Breaking the Waves? I mean, except for the whole trampiness in the film... I think there's some sort of strange link between them that I haven't fully understood yet. Or maybe I'm just talking out of the wrong orifice again. The fact that I find that film rather romantic is a clear sign that there's something a bit wonky in my inner fabric.

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