Wednesday, January 05, 2005

when you fall from the painting

off he goes

A lovely photo of a watercolor-in-progress from my very good friend A, who will also be hiking Machu Pichu with me before the close of 2005. Does that trip count as a resolution, even though I decided on it last year?? Anyway, A defies definition- a jock, researcher, and artist and then some all wrapped up together.

J pointed out to my dumb ass the wonders of 1980s technology, i.e. VCRs. Seemingly, this should have resolved my quandary about missing the return of Lost. J also assures me that they won't kill off Naveen Andrews... but I remain nervous- JJ Abrams has a bad history of ruining good characters, so even if he doesn't kill off Andrews, he might ruin him (which would be worse). However, I am still in a pinch here... because I just realized that the season premiere of the crappiest show I can't stop watching is two hours long. Maybe I can step the technology up a notch, and figure out how to get my VCR to keep recording for three hours.

All of this is a ruse though. I realize that. While on vacation, I realized that an active fantasy life is important. I need more escapism, more distractions, less time for these matters that with myself I too much discuss (courtesy, once again, of TS Eliot). Left to my own devices, I will allow the sense of impending doom to just swallow me whole. So instead, make a list, get it done, check it off. There's a line in About a Boy about life being more tolerable when you reduce it down to small units of time. I think that's what is necessary now. Worry about the mammoth challenge of how to have dinner with friends and watch favorite television shows rather than worry about the future of my existence on the planet and my calling in life. Bite-size victories to conquer, if you will.

Late Breaking News (for me, at least): Au revoir to the bowtie! Do we have Jon Stewart to thank for this? Apparently, one less show will be hurting America shortly. Oh, and in case you somehow missed all the fuss, here's a clip of the infamous showdown.

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